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AB PLUS company allows you to benefit from exceptional offers on a wide range of special 0800 numbers and virtual numbers :


  • Immediate set up
  • Best rate communications
  • Detailed statistics
  • A wide range of customized services


You will be able to:


  • Inform your current and potential clients
  • Maximize your development section
  • Give a positive image of proximity to your business
  • Simplify the processing of orders
  • Make a profit on your web site.

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You will benefit from our 12 years of expertise in the field of telecommunication, consumer numbers and vocal arrangements.


Please let us know what your project is, we will provide the perfect solution to welcoming your clients by phone as we have done over the years for all of our clients :




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AB Plus offers solutions to transferring numbers but also personalized vocal arrangements

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Did you know?


Since the deregulation of the telecoms sector, you are no longer compelled to obtain and order a number from France Telecom.